Monday, June 2, 2008

i'm 28weeks!!


By now the frequency of your prenatal checks has increased, maybe to about once every 2 weeks. Some women get the feeling that the birth of the baby is getting nearer very fast. It is a good time to discuss the birth of your baby with your partner and your doctor. Making a birth plan will enable you to share your wishes and preferences and will make you feel more relaxed. You might have read pregnancy books or attended childbirth classes. In this case you will be familiar with what happens and could happen during giving birth. Most commonly, women have questions about pain relief, fetal monitoring and episiotomy, an intervention to enlarge the vaginal opening during childbirth. Your breasts are producing a thick and sticky fluid called colostrum, which is yellow to orange in color. Your breast may even leak colostrums at times. Colostrum is a highly nutritious special milk that your breasts will produce until 1-2 weeks after your baby’s birth. It is low in fat and high in carbohydrates, protein and antibodies to keep your baby healthy. Colostrum is extremely easy to digest and has a laxative effect on your baby. It is the perfect first food for your baby.


If your baby is a boy, his testes can already be descending. Should your baby be born around this time, he or she will have a very good chance of survival with the right medical help. Your baby measures about 35 cm and has reached the 1 kg moment!

**Mama baru balik dr antenatal checkup @ KK Puchong.Baby sangat active..from today onwards, mama must be alert for baby mama gonna start to mark for fetal movement that happend inside my tummy..thansk to anasdilla for giving the chart on this website..really excited to do this routine check. :)

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