Friday, November 28, 2008

Qaisara in action

Aritu kan mama janji nk upload video yg mama capture sara meniarap wt kali pertama..tapi tuh dlm hp lagi 1..hp tu lak ada mslh takley nk transfer data..xpela hold dlu..nanti dh ok,mama taruk sini..

tapi ni ada la 3video yg sempat mama capture waktu maghrib smlm...aksi gigih qaisara yg pulun nk meniarapkan dirinye....

tengah kusyuk nie..jgnla ganggu sara,mama.

muka budak tensen tak dpt niarap.

tapi akhirnye tak berjaya gak..siap tunjuk muke frust lagi..abis basah comforter tu sbb air liurnye yg meleleh2 masa dia ngah pulun nk pusing tuh....siap nangis2 lagi sbb geram tak dpt nk tiarap..hiks

*skarang,nak pakaikan diapers pn susah sbb sara ni pantang dibaringkan sure cepat je nk ngiring n meniarap..haish...cepatnye membesar anak mama nie..huhu

Khabar yg tak best..

tadi papa qaisara call..dia gitau, RAYA HAJI, PAPA KENA KEJE DARI 7HB-9HB.arghhhhhhhh!!!! sungguh tak best....igtkan dapat beraya kt kampung tahun ni...kalau tau cmni, raya puasa aritu mama ajak papa balik perak..ishk!!!!sedihnyeeee... silap hb kecik hati ayah mama..sbb aritu dh janji kat dia cakap raya haji nanti nak bwk qaisara beraya kt perak.

mama plak dlm dilema..papa tak ksah if mama nk bwk sara balik kampung..balik ngan adikberadik yg lain lah..tapi sian pulak papa tinggal sorg2 kt sni.....silap hb, tok ayah ngan nenek sara(family papa qaisara) pulak datang beraya kt sini...baru je plan balik raya nanti nak ambik tokwan ngan opah sara datang sini,duduk dlm 2-3ari kt umah baru ktorg...tapi,apekan daya..hancuss sume plan kami...

tapi papa suggest balik kg khamis dpn sampai sabtu blk kampung...mknanya mama kene amik leave 2ari..kalau kate mama nk extend sampai raya haji,mama kene amik 1ari lagi (selasa)...tapi pk balik..nk balik kl ngan sape??takkan nk naik bas?? nak driving selama 4jam seorang diri bersama anak kecik satu mslh gak nie..tak pernah lagi travel jauh2...and sure papa takkan kasik.unless balik ngan adikberadik yg lain..tap memasing cm bz jek...takley nk decide skrg...kalau mama extend cuti raya mau bising pulak bos..dhla cuti awal,pastu selasa pn cuti lagi...macam tak dpt jek...keje ngah banyak ni plus ngan tak ckp tenaga silap hb,tak dpt cuti plak...haish..(ngeluh lagik)..

**susahnye nk wt pilihan kan?**

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Breastfeeding Myths

Source ~ By Dr. Jack Newman

Myth #1: Many women do not produce enough milk
Not true! The vast majority of women produce more than enough milk. Indeed, an overabundance of milk is common. Most babies that gain too slowly, or lose weight, do so not because the mother does not have enough milk, but because the baby does not get the milk that the mother has. The usual reason that the baby does not get the milk that is available is that he is poorly latched onto the breast. This is why it is so important that the mother be shown, on the first day, how to latch a baby on properly, by someone who knows what they are doing.

Myth #2: It is normal for breastfeeding to hurt
Not true! Though some tenderness during the first few days is relatively common, this should be a temporary situation which lasts only a few days and should never be so bad that the mother dreads nursing. Any pain that is more than mild is abnormal and is almost always due to the baby latching on poorly. Any nipple pain that is not getting better by day 3 or 4 or lasts beyond 5 or 6 days should not be ignored. A new onset of pain when things have been going well for a while may be due to a yeast infection of the nipples. Limiting feeding time does not prevent soreness. (See Sore Nipples).

Myth #3: There is no milk during the first 3 or 4 days after birth
Not true! It often seems like that because the baby is not latched on properly and therefore is unable to get the milk. Once the mother's milk is abundant, a baby can latch on poorly and still may get plenty of milk. However, during the first few days, the baby who is latched on poorly cannot get milk. This accounts for "but he's been on the breast for 2 hours and is still hungry when I take him off". By not latching on well, the baby is unable to get the mother's first milk, called colostrum. Anyone who suggests you pump your milk to know how much colostrum there is, does not understand breastfeeding, and should be politely ignored.

Myth #4: A baby should be on the breast 20 (10, 15, 7.6) minutes on each side
Not true! However, a distinction needs to be made between "being on the breast" and "breastfeeding". If a baby is actually drinking for most of 15-20 minutes on the first side, he may not want to take the second side at all. If he drinks only a minute on the first side, and then nibbles or sleeps, and does the same on the other, no amount of time will be enough. The baby will breastfeed better and longer if he is latched on properly. He can also be helped to breastfeed longer if the mother compresses the breast to keep the flow of milk going, once he no longer swallows on his own (See Breast Compression). Thus it is obvious that the rule of thumb that "the baby gets 90% of the milk in the breast in the first 10 minutes" is equally hopelessly wrong.
Myth #5: A breastfeeding baby needs extra water in hot weather
Not true! Breastmilk contains all the water a baby needs.

Myth #6: Breastfeeding babies need extra vitamin D
Not true! Except in extraordinary circumstances (for example, if the mother herself was vitamin D deficient during the pregnancy). The baby stores vitamin D during the pregnancy, and a little outside exposure, on a regular basis, gives the baby all the vitamin D he needs.

Myth #7: A mother should wash her nipples each time before feeding the baby
Not true! Formula feeding requires careful attention to cleanliness because formula not only does not protect the baby against infection, but also is actually a good breeding ground for bacteria and can also be easily contaminated. On the other hand, breastmilk protects the baby against infection. Washing nipples before each feeding makes breastfeeding unnecessarily complicated and washes away protective oils from the nipple.

Myth #8: Pumping is a good way of knowing how much milk the mother has
Not true! How much milk can be pumped depends on many factors, including the mother's stress level. The baby who nurses well can get much more milk than his mother can pump. Pumping only tells you have much you can pump.

Myth #9: Breastmilk does not contain enough iron for the baby's needs
Not true! Breastmilk contains just enough iron for the baby's needs. If the baby is full term he will get enough iron from breastmilk to last him at least the first 6 months. Formulas contain too much iron, but this quantity may be necessary to ensure the baby absorbs enough to prevent iron deficiency. The iron in formula is poorly absorbed, and most of it, the baby poops out. Generally, there is no need to add other foods to breastmilk before about 6 months of age.

Myth #10: It is easier to bottle feed than to breastfeed
Not true! Or, this should not be true. However, breastfeeding is made difficult because women often do not receive the help they should to get started properly. A poor start can indeed make breastfeeding difficult. But a poor start can also be overcome. Breastfeeding is often more difficult at first, due to a poor start, but usually becomes easier later.

Myth #11: Breastfeeding ties the mother down
Not true! But it depends how you look at it. A baby can be nursed anywhere, anytime, and thus breastfeeding is liberating for the mother. No need to drag around bottles or formula. No need to worry about where to warm up the milk. No need to worry about sterility. No need to worry about how your baby is, because he is with you.

Myth #12: There is no way to know how much breastmilk the baby is getting
Not true! There is no easy way to measure how much the baby is getting, but this does not mean that you cannot know if the baby is getting enough. The best way to know is that the baby actually drinks at the breast for several minutes at each feeding (open—pause—close type of suck). Other ways also help show that the baby is getting plenty (See Is my Baby getting enough milk?).

Myth #13: Modern formulas are almost the same as breastmilk
Not true! The same claim was made in 1900 and before. Modern formulas are only superficially similar to breastmilk. Every correction of a deficiency in formulas is advertised as an advance. Fundamentally they are inexact copies based on outdated and incomplete knowledge of what breastmilk is. Formulas contain no antibodies, no living cells, no enzymes, no hormones. They contain much more aluminum, manganese, cadmium and iron than breastmilk. They contain significantly more protein than breastmilk. The proteins and fats are fundamentally different from those in breastmilk. Formulas do not vary from the beginning of the feed to the end of the feed, or from day 1 to day 7 to day 30, or from woman to woman, or from baby to baby... Your breastmilk is made as required to suit your baby. Formulas are made to suit every baby, and thus no baby. Formulas succeed only at making babies grow well, usually, but there is more to breastfeeding than getting the baby to grow quickly.

Myth #14: If the mother has an infection she should stop breastfeeding
Not true! With very, very few exceptions, the baby will be protected by the mother's continuing to breastfeed. By the time the mother has fever (or cough, vomiting, diarrhea, rash, etc) she has already given the baby the infection, since she has been infectious for several days before she even knew she was sick. The baby's best protection against getting the infection is for the mother to continue breastfeeding. If the baby does get sick, he will be less sick if the mother continues breastfeeding. Besides, maybe it was the baby who gave the infection to the mother, but the baby did not show signs of illness because he was breastfeeding. Also, breast infections, including breast abscess, though painful, are not reasons to stop breastfeeding. Indeed, the infection is likely to settle more quickly if the mother continues breastfeeding on the affected side. (See You can still breastfeed).

Myth #15: If the baby has diarrhea or vomiting, the mother should stop breastfeeding
Not true! The best medicine for a baby's gut infection is breastfeeding. Stop other foods for a short time, but continue breastfeeding. Breastmilk is the only fluid your baby requires when he has diarrhea and/or vomiting, except under exceptional circumstances. The push to use "oral rehydrating solutions" is mainly a push by the formula (and oral rehydrating solutions)manufacturers to make even more money. The baby is comforted by the breastfeeding, and the mother is comforted by the baby's breastfeeding. (See You can still breastfeed).

Myth #16: If the mother is taking medicine she should not breastfeed
Not true! There are very very few medicines that a mother cannot take safely while breastfeeding. A very small amount of most medicines appears in the milk, but usually in such small quantities that there is no concern. If a medicine is truly of concern, there are usually equally effective, alternative medicines which are safe. The loss of benefit of breastfeeding for both the mother and the baby must be taken into account when weighing if breastfeeding should be continued.

Written by Jack Newman, MD, FRCPC - Revised January 1998. Text may be copied and distributed without further permission.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

pantang larang org dolu2..

Terpanggil lak nk nulih tentang topik ni pas je baca entry cik dilla kita..

ni antara pantang larang yg penah kite dengorla..

*jgn kiss baby yg tgh poo-poo ~~nanti mukanya masam..tak manis.

*jgn kiss baby kt mulut (bkn ala2 cemolot tuh..) ~~nanti mulutnye banyak/bising cm montot ayam.

*jgn tolong baby tu kalu nk niarap ke jalan2 ke..ape2la sewaktu ngannye.. ~~esok2 besar jadik pemalas.

*jgn amik baby dr belakang ~~ nanti degil budaknye.

*jgn makan sisa makanan anak2 ~~ nanti anak degil..tak dengor cakap mak paknye..tap ada gak fakta penah jumpe..(tolong confirmkan sesape yg rajin tuh)

stakt ni je la yg penah dengar..

Tag - pregnant time

Tagged from Eina..pregnant time..

1. Berat sebelum mengandung~~39 kg (mama underweight ye..,sgt kurus..hehe)

2 .Berat terakhir mengandung sebelum bersalin ~~ 58 kg (byk kan naik?..hehe)

3. Berat selepas abis pantang ~~ 45kg (my ideal weight..tapi, tak sukela byk tol 'spare2'..huhu) 4. Apa yang korang suke makan mase mengandung? ~~ Nasi ayam..char koew tiaw..tom yam..air tembikai (ni dari ank dara pn mmg sukak)..

5. Hospital mana anda bersalin?~~ Hospital Putrajaya..

6. Tunjukkan gambar anda masa least 5 keping


@5month @6month


@9month (1 week before delivery)..sempat lagi travel ke JB

Nak tag sape?~~ Sape2la yg berminat nk wt tag ni..janji korang penah pregnant..yg tak pregnant nk wt olok2 pn buley..hehehe

*Tag diaper bag dilla tak wt lagila..sbbnye gamba tak transfer lagik ke pc nih.nantila ek..

Sdapnye hingge menjilat jari..

Beginila anak mama ni tiapkali xdpt nenen..:-P ...pulak tu kengkadang,2-2 tangan tuh nk sumbat masuk mulut..tu tak kira time nenen pn kadang2 nk gak sumbat masuk tgn tu..taktau nk isap mana 1..jgnler tamak nak oi..xde sape pn nk ngenden nenen awak tuh...hai ler anak...isk3x..

Monday, November 24, 2008

Apa jadi pada EBM ku?

Saya rasa saya sedang mengalami zmn kemelesetan..ini adalah kerana..
  • selsema yg sya alami still ada berbaki...

  • qaisara kurang BF even kt rumah..sbb lately dia suke main2..

  • saya dh kurang pam susu..(sumenye sbb kekangan masa kerja di office..kerja banyak tap kepala saya serabut..ini pn curi2 masa gak nk berblog..)

  • last week 2ari saya skip pam session..sebab saya meeting di cawangan...tgh2 pam susu, boss call soh turun bawah driver dh dapat 2oz je perahan hari jumaat sad...dlm hati risau..

  • saya mmg saya stress...byk perkara yg sya fikir..ini juga boleh menjejaskan production susu saya..

100 days..Happy 1st Anniversary

100 days

Umo qaisara arini..24 November 2008 genap wonderla dis little girl malam tadi 'merajuk'...mulutnye skrg dh semakin ramah tamah..then, kalau silap sikit melalak macam 'didera'....lambat suap nenen, mulala..bila mama buat tak tau kt dia, merajuk sampai terlena..mama ambik lgsg tanak..nak kene org lain pujuk baru ok..oo dah pandai tunjuk protes kt mama dia...haish...nak bekepit je tak bolehla...asyik2 nk berdukung je...macamni, mmg kene beli gakla babywearing utk 'wear budak kicik ini'...

Tak lupe gakler..arini genapler 100 ari saya berpantang..'erk...pantang lagi ke?'...huhu..pantang2 44days tu dh lama berlalu...bhs directnye 100 ari saya berpuasa..papa pn sama berpuasa..hik3x..erk...takmo ulas panjang lebor..

1st Anniversary

Selamat Ulang tahun...Selamat ulang tahun..selamat ulang,arini gak merupakan ulangtahun perkahwinan mama ngan papa yang pertama...nk celebrate?nk sambut kenela ber3..takley ber2 dahler..nk dating? nk tinggal sara tu kt sape? soklan2 tu biarla papa yang jawab..hehehehe...kalau org lain,sure dh plan mcm2 arini..siap amik leave lagik kot..huhu..lecehler nk amik2 cuti ni..lom tentu dapat..

pape pn, mudah2an ikatan perkahwinan mama ngan papa akan sentiasa bahagia hingga ke akhir hayat (aminnn.....)..gaduh2 sikit tu biasa ler..seminit 2 gaduh pastu bebaik semula..wtper nk masam2 muke panjang2..dok serumah masam2 muke kang bosan gak.xde geng nk borak..hehehe...

Friday, November 21, 2008

QAISARA da pandai meniarap.. :)


ayang, cepat datang sni..tgk ni!!!

ape dia? (mama kt dapur tgh prepare dinner)

cepatla datang sni..tgk qaisara ni..

(ngan berlari2 anaknye ke ruang tamu)

wah!!!!!!!!!!!!! anak mama papa ni tengah gigih nk meniarapkan dirinye....

mama ngan papa siap besorak lagik kasik semangat kt sara mcm sara tgh lawan gusti jek..(hihihihi)

selepas beberapa kali percubaan, akhirnya sara berjaya meniarap!!!!

cukhaheyo qaisara!!! (betul ke my korean language ni? hehehe..mksdnye tahniah!)

mama sempatla rekodkan moment tuh..even tak mule dr awal..pastu smlm, 4-5kali la qaisara demo kt mama..tadi p taska pn sume ibu2 di sana kagum dengan sara..yela, sara baru je 3bulan 3 hari tapi cepat tol pekembangannye...mama rasa sumenye berkat susu ibu yg sara minum ari2 tuh...(penah dengar fact-baby yg minum susu ibu, perkembangan ngan IQ nye lebih tinggi dr bayi yang tidak menyusu ibu..opss, harap jgn ada yg terkecik ati..saya bkn nk perlecehkan ibu2 yg xley menyusu ibu..u all ada sebab utk tidak berbuat demikian...maybe kesihatan, kekangan masa atau lelain..xpe itu hak masing2 utk tentukan which is the best for our baby..right? :)

gambonye ala..nk upload tap mama bz tol la..tak transfer lagik..pc opis ni manede bluetooth agak usb cable plak lupe bwk.

xpe2..mama nk letak kt sni utk tatapan anakku ini kelak..itu posting next entry..mama nk kuar dah ni, ada meeting di shah alam.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Breast Cancer Awareness


Let's help spreading the breast cancer awareness. Thank you!

Here is the tag rules:

1. Put the logo in your blog.

2. Add a link to the person who shared it with you.

3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs

4. Leave a message for your nominee on their blog.

The Nominees are.......

*Sape2 yg baca entry ni, sila2 lah war2kan di blog anda..sekian makasih! :)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Menyusukan Anak Menyempitkan.....

"Menurut Dr. Edwin Flatto, terdapat hubungan fisiologikal antara payudara dan otot-otot faraj. Wanita yang menyusukan anak bukan saja kurang kemungkinan diserang barah buah dada dan barah rahim,tetapi setiap kali dia menyusukan anak dengan payudaranya, otot faraj akan menguncup. Ini menolong otot faraj untuk kembali mengecil dan tegang seperti sebelum melahirkan."

*Erk..mama taktau psl fact ni..tak pnh lak dengar...hehehe..1st time..yg biasa dengar, kebaikan BF ni boleh cepat kecutkan rahim...kuruskan badan...dan lain2lah...tap yg ni 1st time dengor...huhu..tapi taktaula betul tak..(saya masih berpuasa ye..hiks)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bayi Maut Tersedak susu

baru pas baca berita ni.. sedih dan risau..semua bersarang dlm hati mama...nursery ni dekat betul ngan nursery sara..masa mama preggy dlu, mama penah survey kt sini..tapi disebabkan mama prefer lagi keadaan nursery sara skrg, so mama tak anta kt nursery palace of justice ni...

sian sangat kt parents baby utk baby Abrahaem Noah...

*tadi mama call pengasuh, dia inform sara dh tido after nyusu..sara minum sikit je..mama baru plan nk rehat kt opis je lunch time ni, since kepala mama weng(selsema nye pasalla ni), tap dh baca artikel ni, sharp 1pm nanti mama nk cabut p nursery tgk sara.

EBM Qaisara

Lately mama perasan...sara kurang minum susu...
Stok EBM dlm fridge macam tak luak je...
Normally paling sikit pn mama pump susu mesti dpt dalam 12oz-16oz perday..
Then tiap2 botol mama isi 4oz..
Biasanye kt nursery, mama akan letak 2 botol Frozen EBM ngan 2 botol Fresh EBM (Total 4x4oz=16oz)...
Masa memula anta nursery dlu dlu, mesti abis licin...
Tapi skrg nie..sara minum secara puratanya 8oz je..(2botol sahaja)


mama risau betul la...kt rumah pn mcm tu...dia kurang BF...minum2 jugak...tapi tak lama..lepas tu, mesti dia tolak2 ngan lidah dia...mcam dia kegelian pn ada...

hairanla..dlu dia tak mcmni..dlu dia kuat nyusu..sume ni sbb dia selsema lagi ke?(selsema n batuk masih ada..tap dh kurang sikit)..atau dia rasa tak sedap EBM tu?takkan dia nak fresh milk je all the time?huhu..harula cmni..

so skrg ni, stok frozen EBM makin betambah dlm freezer sbb sara tak brp nak minum..kalau pam pn, 1 botol je dia minum kt nursery then balance tu akhirnye masuk peti ais..

mama takut dia lapar je...takut berat tak naik kang..haru pulak.isk cmne nk wt ni? tolonglaaaaa.............

*arini mama letak 3fresh(not frozen) EBM(12oz) kt nursery..kita tgk sara minum abis ke tak...

Monday, November 17, 2008

Qaisara @ 3 month

Qaisara milestone : Weight~5.4kg..Length~62cm
Today..officially, qaisara turn to 3month..alhamdulillah sepanjang tempoh ini, mama tak menghadapi sebarang mslh utk menjaga qaisara...anak mama dah makin besar...haish...teringat masa memula sara lahir....hem, betul org ni melalui 7phase..muke pulak akan berubah2...camtu gakla qaisara ni..

selsema dan batuk qaisara dh makin reda..tapi, mama ngan papa nye pulak bejangkit tekene selsema batuk..haish...macamni sara pn susahler nk sihat semula...sian tgk dia..agaknye sebab selsema batuk ni, tekak dia pn rasa tak sedap..tak brp nyusu..payau kot mulut dia..

last checkup suppose sara kene cucuk..tapi sbb dia selsema batuk so postponed dlu..tanak ler keadaan dia makin teruk pas cucuk nanti hopefully by nextweek dia dh sembuh, so boleh p klinik sekali lagik..oh ye, sara dh tak pakai mitten..sume ats saranan nurse..supaya dia belajar menggegam + pegang barang..but then, lain pulak..qaisara dh jumpe alat menan barunye..yes!!!her fingers..skrg ni, dia suke sgt kulum2..isap2 jarinye tu sampai bejejeran air liurnye..
  • da kenal mama ngan papa dia..

  • da kenal mama...siap ikut lagi pergerakan mama dia..even tgh tgk tv ke..atau org lain pegang dia, tapi bila nampak mama nye melintas..dia akan tenung mama dia..hehehe

  • mulutnye dh makin riuh...nak ajak sembang...

  • da boleh ngereng sikit2...tapi tak ley meniarap lagi..

  • suke isap jarinye...da pandai nk memain ngan jarinye..

  • kepala dh boleh ditegakkan (bila dudukan diatas riba)

  • da mule nk main2 ngan toy...(qaisara sgt sukekan cacingnye...cacing mcm abg ziyyad)..kekekeke

  • senyum+ketawa siap ada bunyi (gurgles, coos)..opss,jelesnye mama sbb sara ada lesung pipit..meh mama nk pinjam wt tumbuk sambal belacan..hahaha

  • kakinye makin kuat..asyik nk bediri jek...tap meniarap tanak..huhu

*balik ni nk kene train sara meniarap ari2..

Friday, November 14, 2008


tengah wt keje, terbenti pulak...fikiran mama terganggu oleh 'sesuatu'....

teringat pulak..ape yg mama buat tika dan waktu ini tahun lepas..
oh ye...last year time ni, mama sibuk ngan urusan 'perkahwinan' sana sini..uruskan baju, souviner, kenduri kendara, pegi sauna la..berinaila..haish mcam2..penat tol nk prepare sume nih..
this year? sibuk ngan si kecik qaisara ni..

10days more to go..ish cepatnye masa berlalu..
rasa mcm baru je kawin...
rasa tak sangka dah ada sorg baby..
cepatnye masa berlalu..
tak puas enjoy? taklah....tempoh 7tahun mama kenal ngan papa sudah mencukupi..kenal dah luar dalam..wangi busuk..lawa hudunye..semuala dh tau...hehehe
pastu dh puas ke sana sini..bercuti p sana sini (oversea je blom lagi..singapore yg dkt pn tak jejak lagi..huhu)...
ada hikmah mama dan papa dikurniakan qaisara awal macam ni..
cukuplah utk kami berdua 'hu-ha-hu-ha' tak ketahuan itu...
skrg adalah masa utk mendidik anak...mudah2an sara menjadi anak yang baik dan solehah..amin.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Abaikan cakap2 org..

Tadi bwk sara monthly checkup..arini tak amik injection since sara batuk+selsema..alhamdulillah sara tak demam..even cek suhu pn still normal (bawah 37.4 masih normal)...doc kasi ubat selsema ngan ubat batuk..utk cairkan kahak..

org yg menyusu ibu ni tak akan kene demam..


fact diatas tu tak boleh digunapakai dalam certain keadaan ok!

ini adalah kerana qaisara tinggal kt NURSERY...pulak tu, kt dalam bilik sara tu ada 10org yg sihat, yang tak demam ada 3org saja (termasuk sara pada awalnya). walaupun baby2 kt situ diletakkan dalam baby cot, berjauhan antara satu sama lain tapi INGAT! VIRUS MEREBAK MELALUI UDARA...jadinye posibility sara utk kena jangkitan tu adalah jgn ada yg nk kutuk2 ye konon2 baby yg menyusu badan ni akan sihat je sentiasa...

**anta kt pengasuh @ rumah pn boleh gak tekena jangkitan selsema+demam ni.....mudah2an selsema sara cepat ilang..kesian tgk dia susah nk isap susu sbb terganggu ngan ingus+batuk..

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

lets try this baby wearing..

Balik umah nanti nk trylah buat baby sling 'instant'...hehe...

dah order baby sling tapi design yg mama nak tu mama cancel order..xpela tunggu dlu..

kita praktis dlu cara mcm dlm video nie..if menjadi, apesalahnye mama wt cmni..ok tak?


Qaisara oh..Qaisara

waktu anta sara tadi, mama rasa sedih...tengok mata sara berair (sara selsema+batuk2)..kesian pulak...sara pandang mama mcm mintak simpati je..tapi nk wt cmne sayang, mama kene p keje gak..

kebetulan, smlm ambik leave (hasrat sebenar nk kemas umah-kitorg pindah umah weekend lepas) tapi, betukar plak..menjaga my daughter..qaisara demam for the 1st time. luckily dia tak memerap..aktif mcm biasa, nak main2..cuma kesian tgk dia bersin + batuk non stop..hingus plak kuar meleleh je..dia nk benafas+minum susu pn seksa..mama sedut guna 'nasal aspirator semulajadi-mulut mama la..' since alat sebenar tak befungsi ngan baik..

cek suhu..37..hem, badan dia pn panas..this morning cek suhu badan 36.normal la tu kan? mama tinggalkan sara kt nursery bersama2 selimut tebal...bedung elok2 supaya dia tak rasa sejuk..kt nursery plak aircond..then kebanyakan kwn2 sara plak batuk+selsema..(haish musim ke skrg nie?) 2 org dh kwn sara warded..terkena jangkitan paru2 sbb demam tak kebah2...

haish..haruskah mama balik rumah jaga sara? hem...kita tgkla, if tghri ni condition sara makin teruk, mama nk minta excuse bawak p klinik..nk tunggu khamis nie(2nd month jab) lambat lagi...

*kami dh pindah..ooh, badan sangat letih..kalau disuruh pindah sekali lagi, x sanggup. seronok plak stay umah sendiri..bebas begerak. tak sabar pulak nk decorate rumah..

Friday, November 7, 2008

keletah qaisara

pagi tadi...datang keje punch card dlu...baru anta sara kt nursery

then adik kt opis ni bile nampak je mama bawak sara naik opis, mesti dia nk dukung sara...

adik opis ni specky 4segi bebingkai lebih kurang sama cm mama punye..

tadi dia dukung sara..sara tenung dia..kejap je.

lepas tu, sara tgk muka mama...

konpius ke sara? mana 1 mak aku nie??

muka bulat sama lbh kurang sama..

tapi mata sara tak lepas tengok mama...

mama ke kiri.. mata nya pn ke kiri

mama ke kanan...matanya pn ke kanan

mama nyorok2, mata dia melingas macam tercari2 seseorang

bila mama panggil nama sara, mesti sara senyum..

adik tu usik2 sara, sara dh bolayan...

erk?? sara dh kenal mama ke? waaa seronotnye!!!!!

*btw, thanks to mommies for all comments in the previous post. really appreciate!! mama tak risau lagi. since skg tgk poopoo sara mmg totally kuar ijau..pernah gak terbaca psl terlebih zat besi mcm ma mutuk ckp tuh.but its good 4 baby no worry lah.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Normal poo..poo..

hem..lately mama perasan yg poo poo sara dh tuka it normal? before this poo poo sara kaler kuning tuh...(normal utk baby yg minum susu ibu setau mamala..) tapi sejak 2-3ari ni mama perasan poo poo sara dh tuka kaler ijau...itu 'cir bir' ke? risau jugak...sara mmg fully BF. mama risau sumenye punca sara minum EBM yang mama tinggalkan kt nursery. sebab nk handle EBM ni bkn sama cm FM. susu EBM kene gune within 1 hour je selepas dipanaskan...papa kate dia nampak pengasuh tu panaskan susu sara 2botol sekaligus.padahal time tu sara tido lagi..mama dh inform pn kt dirog cara2 nk handle susu EBM ni. tapi, ntahla diorg nie...

semalam sara muntah lagi...keluar muak susu kaler putih+kuning sikit. normal ke tu?ni dh 2x mama tgk sara muntah mcm tu.tapi tak bykla,keluar sikit je.

sesape yg tau, plz comment.thanks!

Monday, November 3, 2008

yang mana 1...

mama seorang kaki rayap..esp shopping complex..tapi apekan daya, keadaan semasa tak mcm dlu dah...

cmne ye..everytime nk p shopping, pekara petama yg mama risau..qaisara ngamuk (mcm insiden penah terjadi kt giant) betul..main reason dia ngamuk sbb dia lapar...then, kt giant pulak takde baby room..nk BF sara kene pegi surau...

end up, mama terpaksa BF sara dicelahan2 baju...(make sure takde cctv disekitar tempat duduk anda ye..) 2ari lepas cmtu gak insiden terjadi..dalam giant gak..kalini disebalik kerusi-meja kt furniture department(sebab nk cari tempat duduk utk BF sara). 2-3minggu lepas masa kt baby department jusco sara wt perangai mama bawak sara masuk dlm fitting room utk kanak2 tuh..keluar je dr situ, 1 indian lady tegur mama..'u BF baby ye?' - ngan senyuman...taktauler dia senyum perli mama ke or mmg ikhlas senyum...whatever..mama angguk je kepala ngan sengih kambingnye...

mama tengah bekira2 samada nk bli 2 benda ni...either nursing cover or baby sling ring..mama mcm suke baby sling ring lagi sbb boleh gune 2in1 macam dlm video nie.. (untuk dukung sara or utk nursing sbb ada extra kain tu ley tutup)..almaklumler..badan qaisara dh semangat...mama yg comel ni tak larat dah nak dukung sara(ni kes tak bwk stroller la nie..)...survey kt internet arga boleh tahan...tapi mama seorang yg kureng puas ati shop online ni..takpela, settle je urusan pindah umh, mama nk ajak papa pegi beli baby sling ring..sbbnye mama dh tak sabar nk SHOPPING WHILE BF QAISARA. :P

p/s : to mommies out there yg ada experience ttg ni, plz leave ur comment..thanks!

keluh kesah mama qaisara

tu ler...masa peknen dlu..rilek sikit..
dah tak peknen ni..rasa mcm tak cukup masa..balik je opis byknye workload ku...
apetah lagi ada baby..sepenuh perhatian perlu diberikan pada si kecil(bukan mengeluh ye..mama besyukur dengan kehadiran qaisara)

2minggu ni tunggang langgang sikit..schedule beterabur (pumping session mama..sedihnye..lately dpt kumpul 11-13oz je sbb pump 2x je kt opis disebabkan my tight job schedule!)
bilik besepah cm tongkang pecah (nak pindah..packing barang..mencari barang2 yg terselit2 dicelahan rumah)
tak cukup tidonye (mengantuknye...nk mengemas rumah lagi...menjaga qaisara lagi..)
cepat lapar (ikutkan hati nk mengunyah setiap masa...pulak tu nak makan yg heavy2 je..biskut2 roti2 tak jalan..nak nasi jugak!!!)
rasa mcm qaisara terabai sikit dis week..semuanya gara-gara mama dan papa nye sibuk mengemas rumah..(2x ditinggalkan pada cousin..nasib baik ada cousin yg sudi jaga sara..sara plak sangat memahami..tak wt perangai..dia paham mama n papa dia bz n penat...good girl!!)

*nak beli toy utk qaisara..tapi dh abis stock!! uwaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!
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