Wednesday, February 11, 2009

BabyIbu Giveaway: Win Gin & Jacqie Baby Bag

Nak gak bag ni..tak kira..satu sebab knp mama layak dpt bag ni..sebabnye diapers bag qaisara merangkap bag yg punya 1001 kenangan tu dah nak kalau dapat bag ni,mmg cun ler..hehe...kebetulan membe seuniversiti mama-babyibu a.k.a yana wt alang2 why not give a try kan..kot2 rezki qaisara, dptla mama melaram ngan bag gin & Jacqie yg vouge itu..

antara 3 bag atas tu, mama suke Emily & Emma baby bag..cun seh..satu sbbnye i love the colour combination..corak plak retro abissss...pastu byk plak compartment..bolehla sumbat mcm2 barang qaisara..plg penting barang mama pn ley masuk same(ala..stakat purse,carkeys,hp tu mesti muat kan..hiks)

Emily & Emma baby bag
DESCRIPTION: Who says you have to compromise on style when you become a mommy? Being a mommy does not mean you need to become a fuddy duddy. Be the most stylish mommy on the block even with your baby in tow with this baby bag. Designed to contain all of baby’s essential items, for your mother and baby days out.
  • Zip top opening
  • Two exterior pocket with tab opening
  • Three interior bottle holders
  • Two separate large compartments to cater for both soiled / used clothes and clean clothes
  • One large interior compartment with zip, complete with lined cotton for parents’ organizer
  • Additional interior compartments for handphone and other items
  • Padded and wipeable change mat that can be cleaned easily
  • Fully lined nylon for the whole interior of the bag

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