Monday, January 25, 2010

Breath-Holding Spells

macam-macam keraguan muncul dibenak ni..apa yang berlaku pada sara masa tu? untuk rungkai semua persoalan tu, aku pun google key-word ni..."why my baby suddenly stopped crying and not moving?"

then, aku jumpa article "Pediatrics - Crying Toddler"

di sini,aku paste kandungan artikel tersebut.

What is a breath-holding spell?
A breath-holding spell is when your child holds his breath when he is suddenly injured, frustrated, angry, or frightened.  Breath-holding spells begin between the ages of 6 months and 2 years.  They occur only while the child is awake.

During a breath-holding spell:
•   Your child may make 1 or 2 cries and then hold his breath in expiration until he becomes blue around the lips and passes out.
•   Your child may stiffen and may have a few twitches or muscle jerks.
•   Your child will breathe normally again and become fully alert in less than 1 minute.

What is the cause?
An abnormal reflex allows 5% of normal children to hold their breath long enough to pass out.  Most children do not do this deliberately.
Holding the breath (when frustrated) and becoming bluish without passing out is such a common reaction in young infants that it is not considered abnormal.

How long does it last?
Breath-holding spells usually occur from 1 or 2 times a day to 1 or 2 times a month.  Children usually stop having breath-holding spells by the time they are 4 or 5 years old.
Breath-holding spells are not dangerous, and they don't lead to epilepsy or brain damage.

How can I take care of my child?
•   Treatment during attacks of breath-holding
These attacks are harmless and always stop by themselves.  Time the length of a few attacks, using a watch with a second hand.
During an attack, do not hold your child upright.  Instead, he should lie flat.  This position will increase blood flow to the brain and may prevent some of the muscle jerking.  Put a cold wet washcloth on your child's forehead until he starts breathing again.  Don't start resuscitation or call a rescue squad--it's not necessary.  Also, don't put anything in your child's mouth because it could make him choke or vomit.

•   Treatment after attacks of breath-holding
Give your child a brief hug and go about your business.  A relaxed attitude is best.  If you are frightened, don't let your child know it.  If your child had a temper tantrum because he wanted his way, don't give in to him after the attack.

•   Prevention of injuries
The main injury risk of a breath-holding spell is a head injury.  If your child starts to have an attack while standing near a hard surface, go to him quickly and help lower him to the floor.

What can I do to help prevent breath-holding spells?
Most attacks from falling down or a sudden fright can't be prevented.  Neither can most attacks that are triggered by anger.  However, some children can be distracted from their breath-holding if you intervene before they become blue.  Tell your child to come to you for a hug or to look at something interesting.  Ask him if he wants a drink of juice.
If your child is having attacks every day, he probably has learned to trigger some of the attacks himself.  This can happen when parents run to the child and pick him up every time he starts to cry, or when they give him his way as soon as the attack is over.  Avoid these responses and your child won't have an undue number of attacks.

When should I call my child's health care provider?
Call during office hours if:
•   More than one spell occurs each week.
•   The attacks change.
•   You have other concerns or questions.

Caution:  Call a rescue squad (911) if your child has a different kind of attack during which he stops breathing for more than 1 minute or turns white (not blue).

rupa-rupanya affif-anak farah pun penah alami cuma symptoms berbeza sebab sara tak berubah biru (is it meaning she turns white??..aku pun tak ingat.)

but according to the doctor on our last checkup, he mention that 'maybe sara terlalu asyik melihat malaikat?'huh...the answer can be accepted or not in medical terms??hehehe...quite funny pula..but bila i terbaca je komen cik anon in the previous post tentang 'child epilepsy symptoms', it make me worried..aduish...but doctor advise to us, if it happend again, kena buat followup checkup lah...

*aku baru je balik dari 'mengajar'..penat duh. byk sgt soalan dari student2..kui3x..tak sempat nk blogwalking. this evening monthly check-up sara. hm..bedebar ni..nak kena tembak lagi ke kalau berat sara tak naik-naik? sangat susah hati k..*


Oyis said...

eiii kalo saya jadi lin pon sgt la risau, but kalo Dr kata x de apa2, and sara sendiri pon dah x de siaran ulangan mcm tu, alhamdulillah... kalo x, maybe better follow up jg ye x? hrp2 nya x perlu la...

eRaY said...

google very helpful if having probs wif rayna pun trus google, thanks for the info sharing...:)
hopefully sara x repeat lagi dis breath holding spell
i like when doc said she saw angel :)

isabelle said...

yes, aritu anak farah pernah kena mcm tu.
anyway, psl berat xnaik lil adam pun kinda static gak berat dia. tapi x pernah lak kena marah dgn Dr.

Farah said...

haah kalau pasal tahan napas tu memang selalu k afif buat! lama2 dah lali dah selalunye time die meraung tak ingat dunia la hahaha..tapi symptom holding breath tak merbahaya.

lin muhamad said...

i think sara yg gelabah sgt2 kot.tapi sape tak gelabah...huhu

yes true..mmg takde google takley idup..nasib baik doc kata sara nampak angel.
kalau dia kata sara nampak antu kom-kom, sure me yg demam.haha

hehe..oo really? apela sangat pada berat bdn tu long as anak kita sihat/aktif
takde mslhla kan..

adui...bebudak ni kan saje je kan.dorg nk takutkan mama dia jek..

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