Thursday, March 25, 2010

feeling down

yes…that’s what i feel now…oh…by the way, sara is 19month..,later i will update her progress …i lost my spec..thinking to get a new one..but no more shopping budget for this month..

is it because he’s also feeling down coz last 2-3days before i was thinking to wear lense back…hm..merajuk ke encik spek? please show up..really need you badly..

why i was blogging in english (dahla english berterabur..saje je la tukar angin.)


Elyn said...

erk hilang?? mmg merajuk ni lin hehehe

lin muhamad said...

tu la pasal..merata dh i carik kt office building ni.tak jumpa2..mmg sah mrajukla spec i tuh

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