Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Damia @ 1 month

Alhamdulillah, today Damia already 1 month. Arini checkup untuk vaccine Hepatitis B dosage II.
She's getting smarter day by day, dah pandai mencari orang disekeliling..
Kalau rasa diri tu kesorangan, mula keluarkan suara2 comey memanggil kita untuk diangkat..

She's getting chubbier day by day, minum susu tak brp banyak tapi badan kus semangat la juga..
Arini checkup, berat dah cecah 4.1kg from her weight birth - 3.15kg. naik dalam 0.95kg la jugak within 31days..

Okla, mama still no mood to share her birth story..coz it's a long story to write here..ehehe...later tunggu mama ada mood..

poor baby damia coz she's still not recover yet from jaundice...so her paed, Dr Arbaiyah diagnoise her desease as prolong jaundice since her liver not fully term..or else known as breastmilk jaundice. but she's advise me to continue bf damia...and also mama still cannot consume any herbs/pills/jamu etc....so for now mama just taking Vit C only..xpela for my baby, i would do anything...

btw, i've gain my previous weight which is 46kilos before i get pregnant to damia..hehe...syukur sgt.hehehe...it means that i lost 10kg lah.. :) nk kurus cpt? my advise, just breastfeed your baby..

lastly, here is damia latest photo...
oh..here another one..ada iras qaisara tak?


Anonymous said...

congrate dear!!
pls kiss your baby for me as she so chomel!!

Anonymous said...

tahniah yer mummy.
comel banget Damia :) Alhamdulilah

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